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Featured Employee of the Month

Kelly Kinsey

Name: Kelly Kinsey

Title: Technical Service and Support Lead, Louisville CO Job Description: I provide technical phone support for our customers and field employees for Medtronic Surgical Technologies products.

Length of time at Medtronic: 5 years

Background: I spent 3 years as a Clinical Specialist supporting our products in the field. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Molecular Biology.

What do you like about your job?
I enjoy helping people troubleshoot and figure out an issue and get a system back up and running to continue surgery. I always think about how I would want to be treated on the other end of the phone call. I would never want to hear "no" or "we can't do that".

How are you supporting the Medtronic Mission?
Every day our devices are being used in operating rooms around the world. Technical Service helps make sure that we are supporting our customers and Medtronic employees when those devices don't behave as expected. We help improve outcomes by getting the device back up and running without having to cancel surgery or continue without the use of one of our products.

I love enjoying the outdoors in the wonderful Colorado weather by hiking, playing soccer or snowboarding depending on the day. I also enjoy reading science fiction novels, watching movies and taking my daughter to the zoo!